Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I'm Chris, the founder of Simple Mindology. Here you will find out more about us and where we came from. I will give you an abridged version of my personal journey so you can see what is possible when you have the right resources. I look forward to meeting you someday!

Simple Mindology was established to make matters of the mind simple. Personal transformation is individual to everyone and requires an extensive variety of tools, insights and strategies along the way. This makes it difficult for people to find their way and know what advice to take and what paths to follow. Fortunately, there are only a few things that need to be done at a time which makes the process a whole lot easier. It is our ethos here at Simple Mindology that even the most complex of systems can be broken down into simple parts. As the classic Lao-Tzu saying goes: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

The services offered here at Simple Mindology are focused on understanding you; who you are, what you want from life, what motivates you, what your challenges are, and identifying your 'personal destiny'. Everyone is unique and so should be the path you take. Here at Simple Mindology, we will guide you towards the outcomes you desire to help make this life the one you always wanted. More importantly, done so in a  simple way. Have you ever had an overload of information and felt frozen and unable to act? Procrastination is the death of dreams and having too much information causes overload and makes the journey seem much harder than it is. This is why we get to know you, and specifically design your journey based on what it is you truly want. You only get exactly what you need, when you need it. This creates long-term change and an exciting journey.


The idea for Simple Mindology came about 4 years ago, after having reached a commitment to make personal development and wellbeing accessible to as many people as possible. As all good things are forged in the fires of necessity, the story was no different for me. I grew up in England in a poor household. In my later childhood and early teens I experienced recurring childhood trauma and lived in a perpetual state of fear and helplessness. This caused a dissociative and reclusive personality and stunted my social skill development. As I grew older, this created a strongly guarded personality and prevented me from being authentic and at ease around anyone. I suffered from a hard case of "people pleasing syndrome", and none of those people were me! At the age of 17 I developed generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety and depression. In a desperate attempt to escape the nothingness and the torment of a meaningless existence, I turned to drugs. I became an addict which numbed me and made nothing to do, something to do. This killed any remnants of feeling, and resulted in a waking dream state for the best part of 2 years. But, this void inside me continued to grow like a hunger that I could not feed. My life fell to pieces around me, I bounced in and out of education, ultimately failing at everything because it was "their fault". Unable to cope with the pressures all this placed on day-to-day life, I gave up. Each day I would wake up wishing I hadn't. This is when I had the realisation: "If I'm so unhappy that I would rather be dead, then what have I got to lose?".

This rock bottom spurred a willingness to feel again and to try anything to get out of the perpetual cycle of misery. I began to study psychology, philosophy and spirituality. I attended Buddhist meditation groups twice a week, changed my diet, exercised twice a day and began to do and say whatever the hell I wanted to. It was a process of discovery and exposure. Everything became a skill to be learned and the benefits came through practice. I went out and performed personal challenges to become more social, saying hello to strangers, talking openly to the people I was attracted to and doing whatever he could to outright embarrass myself! Along the way I found an online advertisement for a free Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Foundations weekend in London and ended up becoming a certified NLP Practitioner. I managed to overcome his anxiety and depression through adaptive methods from a vast library of resources from many disciplines. This holistic approach is what made the difference.


Over the years, I began to set an example for change among those closest to me and openly sharing my newly earned insights and strategies. Soon,  friends began to adopt this same mentality and use my methods to work through their challenges too. I then went on to study a degree in History, utilising these skills for success. I then went on to become an insurance broker where within my third month I had broken company sales records. Here I continued to learn and apply my understanding of psychology and social skills to achieve a 6-figure yearly income and began to be studied by the company management. It was during this time Simple Mindology was first established as a side hustle, eventually leaving the high paying sales job to help others. I began teaching at a college for adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs. Here I utilised my understanding in NLP, psychology and personally developed techniques to accelerate the learning curve of the students while simultaneously improving their mental health and social skills. This resulted in having a job role specifically designed for me as a Positive Intervention Strategies Specialist. This resulted in the development of many refined techniques that I have built into the teaching and staff training curriculum. My priority was to help as many people as possible, so I began training staff how to apply these techniques in a simple way so that all the students could benefit. I have also been coaching consistently along the way with variety of people with different goals and from different backgrounds. Over the years I have worked with musicians, mainstream movie-industry directors, comedians, TV personalities, company directors, sales professionals, musicians, medical professionals, teachers, real estate owners and with a plethora of people with medical and learning disabilities. Everyone can benefit if the approach is specifically tailored for them.

Now, I am studying a Masters degree in Science Psychology while continuing to improve the educational institution's approach in innovative ways. I am also coaching people along the way from a variety of different backgrounds. It's this experience and highly adaptable approach that makes Simple Mindology unique. We never stop growing so there's always more to offer you!

At Simple Mindology we’re passionate about helping and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


  • Cert NLP Practitioner from the Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP)

  • Cert NLP Master Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Achology)

  • Cert Reiki Master Teacher


  • BA (Hons) History